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February 2021

21 (10:45am)Mark 10:35-52
Why Jesus? by Graham Cousins
28 (10:45am)Mark 11:1-18
Why Jesus? by Lindsey Lawrence

March 2021

07 (10:45am)Mark 14:1-26
Two Meals
Why Jesus? by Debbie Stott
14 (10:45am)
Mothering Sunday Family Service
21 (10:45am)Mark 14:27-42
The Prayer
Why Jesus? by Debbi Stott
28 (10:45am)Mark 15:21-41
Palm Sunday - The End
Why Jesus? by Graham Cousins

April 2021

04 (10:45am)Mark 16:1-8
New Beginning
Easter 2021 by Debbie Stott