"Parables" series

MP3 audio files for sermons before 11 November 2015 are not available online but may available by request from the Church Office.

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August 2008

03 (9:00am)Luke 10:25-37
The Good Samaritan
Parables by Graham Cousins
10 (9:00am)Matthew 20:1-16
The workers in the vineyard
Parables by Graham Cousins
17 (9:00am)Luke 18:9-14
The two men who went to pray
Parables by Ken Rowlands
24 (9:00am)Luke 12:13-21
The Rich Fool
Parables by Sam Upham
31 (9:00am)Matthew 7:24-29
The wise and foolish Builders
Parables by Sam Upham

September 2018

16 (9:00am)Matthew 25:31-46
The Sheep and the Goats

October 2018

14 (9:00am)Matthew 22:1-14
The Parable of the Wedding Banquet